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Land Surveying - Frequently Asked Questions
Professional Land Surveys in Greater North Texas,
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Why hire a professional Surveyor?
-Selling Property​
    It is in your interest to hire a land surveying company if you are selling property. A land survey will give your buyer confidence in their purchase, and you may have to provide your buyer with an up-to-date survey of your property. A Survey will allow the buyer to register the new transaction with the County Clerk's Office, and with a Survey, the buyer can make a mortgage arrangement while knowing the precise size and extent of the land. Surveys point out any discrepancies that may exist with the property line or easements.

-Buying Property
​   Protect your Land Investment and stake your Texas claim. You need to know what you are getting when you make a purchase. You need a boundary survey to determine whether your property deed describes your property accurately. You need to know whether gardens, driveways, storage buildings, trees, walkways, pools, and fences are on the property, and you need to know where easements for utilities lie. A survey protects and precisely determines what you bought.
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